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For more information on Soneela's body of work, visit her equitable strategies and narration pages.


Soneela customizes her services to meet a variety of needs. She is intentional with an application of a racial equity lens in all of her work. Areas of expertise include:


  • Assessing and strategically advancing organization-wide plans for EDI work

  • Supporting the creation of inclusive organizational culture

  • Executive/Management/Leadership coaching

  • Supporting artists and non-artists working in community, within arts organizations and in an educational context

  • Inclusive Meeting/Convening/Program design

  • Fostering inclusive partnership and collaboration practice



For Soneela's full audiography, visit: audiofile magazine

  • Voice Range: Teen, 20s-40s

  • Accents: American, British, Indian, Middle Eastern, Russian, minor characters with Australian, Mexican, French, Scottish and New Zealand accents.

  • Genres:  Children's, Nonfiction, Fiction, Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Young Adult

  • Languages: Brazilian Portuguese, some French, Hindi and Twi

  • Identity: Indian, Ghanaian (West Africa)

  • Awards: 13 AudioFile Earphones

  • Equipment: Home Studio

  • APA Member

  • SAG-AFTRA Member