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soneela nankani


is a creative professional and nonprofit leader working at the intersection of the arts, civic engagement, and racial equity. As a woman of East Indian and West African heritage growing up in the US, Soneela was attuned to the pervasiveness of racial injustice and necessity of a shared sense of community early in life.

Through a deep appreciation for and a career in the arts, Soneela began to thread her lived experience through her artistic work. Later, as an arts administrator doing cross-sector work in the nonprofit field, she immersed herself in anti-racism work, seeking to promote a commitment to racial equity across all of her organization’s work. As a consultant, Soneela now focuses her work on  stimulating and supporting a culture of equity and inclusion in the arts and nonprofit fields. Her values are further promoted through her audiobook narration work, which includes over 250 titles, with a focus and attention to South Asian and Black experiences. 

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